What Are the Signs It’s Time for a Teeth Cleaning?

To maintain good oral health, you need to visit your dentist regularly — not just for routine checkups and procedures but for teeth cleanings too. At times, it can be hard to determine if you need a cleaning outside your routine checkups. As a Telugu dentist in Frisco, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for professional dental cleaning:

  • Swollen Gums
    Your gums are supposed to be pink and tightly bound to the tissue. While gums can sometimes bleed due to medications, hormones, or trauma from chewing food, they should not bleed when you brush them. Chronic, repeated bleeding requires a visit to the dentist. If your gums look swollen and feel gentle to the touch, you need to seek dental care in Frisco, Texas.
  • Halitosis
    Halitsos, or bad breath, has several possible causes, including tobacco products, certain foods, dry mouth, and infections in your mouth like gum disease and tooth decay. In some cases, halitosis occurs when food particles are stuck in little nooks and crannies between your teeth, tongue, and even in the folds of your cheek.
  • Tooth Sensitivity
    Occasional tooth sensitivity is normal, as long as it is sporadic. However, you may need to see a dentist in Texas if you have a tooth or area in the mouth that is chronically sensitive to cold, to the point where you have changed your diet or changed where in your mouth you are chewing. This can be caused by aggressive brushing, an acidic diet, gum disease, and more.

Is it time to have your teeth cleaned by a professional? If so, we at SHINESTAR DENTAL CARE can help. We specialize in Invisalign, extractions, cleaning, and more. Reach out to us today.

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